Rally Day Sunday

        By Patty Richardson

                                                                                                                                November 3, 2013


     Rally Day, a day that has been a tradition here at PHCC for many years

     Some of you may be wondering when Rally Day began here at PHCC.  Preacher William “Bill” Ambrose implemented this day in 1950 when the church consisted of only a few active members who were laboring under what was considered (at that time) to be a heavy debt (a $900 remodeling project).  All of the money for the debt was collected that year as people saved their money in little glass jars for this special day.  There has been a Rally Day every year since that time and members have come together to “rally” for the cause of Christ through a once a year offering or pledge.  This year’s gifts will be designated toward the Family Life Center building loan.  God has certainly given us a rich heritage here and His faithful disciples have responded in the past with generous gifts of gratitude and praise!  As you make your Rally Day pledge, examine your heart, pray about it and ask for the Holy Spirit’s guidance as you honor God with a cheerful financial pledge toward the work of His Kingdom.


     Following the morning worship  Greg asks the leadership to come forward as our church treasurer (Rita Baird) begins to record the amount of offerings and pledges for the day.  Bible School classes and various church ministry groups and individuals will follow. Everyone who is present is given the opportunity to make a pledge to give during the coming year or make a one-time offering toward the goal of $90,000 set by the leadership.