The Author of Salvation……and The God of all Comfort

Dear Friends in Jesus,


    I know you are with me in that you are ever-mindful of so many of those in our church family and community who are burdened with sickness and sorrow. It is my prayer that they will find God’s presence and His peace in and through everything that burdens them here on this earth.


     There is no way to fathom God’s ways but His word encourages us to trust Him with unrestricted faith.  So when our understanding and reason seem to run out, we must hold fast to our trust in God. Though our world brings heartache we may greatly fear, still we are God’s precious children and nothing can separate us from His love.


     There are plenty of situations that can bring our spirits down. When we become frustrated because we can’t make life conform to what we want, we can find wise words and guidance in the Bible.  When our spirits give way to anger, what a comfort it is to have the peace of God’s Spirit within us!  We can also praise Him through what non-Christians cannot fathom we could. When we praise Him in the midst of negative circumstances, we choose to trust Him because it honors Him for Who He is—the One Who is all-powerful, all-knowing, unchangeable, ever-present, mighty to save, our Maker, The Everlasting Father, the Creator of the world, The Author of salvation……and The God of all comfort!


Resting in Jesus—I’m Safe Evermore!,